Synthetic Underlayment

Ice & Water Shield

Easy Installation

HydraShell SUPREME SA features a split-back release film that peels off for easy installation. The clean, easy-to-handle, self-adhering application makes installation quick and efficient.

Contact Marco for detailed installation instructions.

#1 Pipe Flashing

1/2" to 2 3/8"

#3 Pipe Flashing

1/2" to 5"

#5 Pipe Flashing

4 1/2" to 7 1/2"

#7 Pipe Flashing

6" to 11"

#8 Pipe Flashing

7" to 13"

Pipe Flashings (Penetration Boots)

  • Easy, on-site customization for superior fit

  • Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction

  • Maximum resistance to ozone weathering

  • 20-year standard warranty, available 35-year warranty available on Black EPDM

  • The first ICC-listed flashing for the metal building industry with a 35-year warranty (available on black EPDM only)

  • Ozone Resistance: 70 hrs @ 500pphm (EPDM and red silicone)

  • High Temp. Resistance:
    Intermittent: +135° C/+275° F (EPDM), +260° C/+500° F (red silicone)
    Continuous: +100° C/+212° F (EPDM), +225° C/+437° F (red silicone)

  • Low Temp. Resistance: -55° C/-67° F (EPDM), -74° C/-101° F (red silicone)

  • Compression Set: 25% (EPDM), 50% (red silicone)

Sealant Tape (Mastix Tape)

Foam Closures (Bird-Stop)

"Flex-O-Vent" Vented Closure

Titebond Metal Roof Caulking

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